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Former presidential speechwriter. Now helping CEOs and founders tell better stories. Co-founder of Presentality

這幾天看到網路上很多人稱讚蕭美琴在美國給的一場演講,是在 American Legislative Exchange Council 大會給的。Youtube 上還有完整的影片。


Ok, let’s go.

First, the speech video itself:


她一開頭,就用一種很 personal 的方式回應主辦單位的介紹:

Thank you Karen for that kind introduction…

畢竟用人家的 first name,就感覺比較親切對不對?通常外交場合,都是用 last name 的。


她講話的時候,是看著聽眾的 lol。

你可能會覺得 …

Simone Biles — some say the greatest gymnast in history — started quite the controversy by suddenly pulling out of the team finals and individual all-around competitions at the Tokyo Olympics.

The tidal waves of reaction came fast and hard. Some slammed her for being weak, being a quitter and an embarrassment. But just as quickly, others came to her defense.

Initially, I read some of the comments with nothing but spectator curiosity. But then I noticed something odd…

There was a big difference between the critics and the supporters in terms of how they “framed” the situation. …

上個月,我們分析了特斯拉老闆 Elon Musk 的溝通秘訣,下的結論是他完全打破賈伯斯時代企業領袖的模板。他就是一個尷尬的技術天才,所以:

  • 說起話來就是把遠大的東西,講成小小的很簡單 (Understatement)
  • 完全不練演講技能,怎麼說都很不流暢 (Awkward delivery)

很巧的是,最近有另一位時常出現在西方媒體的企業領袖,就完全是 Elon Musk 相反:

WeWork 共同創辦人暨前執行長 Adam Neumann。


今年因為新書 The Cult of We 出版,再度登上了新聞版面。

雖然他變成大家的笑柄,但可別小看這個人: …

Elon Musk 可說是全世界影響力最高的商業領袖之一,而且在媒體及社群媒體的聲望奇高無比(IG 有200萬追隨者,Twitter 有6000萬),甚至一句話就可以影響市場的走向


Well… 從溝通成效的角度來看,他是很厲害沒錯,但如果你看任何一場他的演講,你肯定會覺得很困惑。


隨便在 Youtube 上面搜尋他演講的影片,看個幾分鐘,你就會知道我們在說什麼了。


  • 說話吱吱唔唔,贅字一堆
  • 停頓在很尷尬的地方,感覺不知道自己在哪裡
  • 投影片視覺,跟口述的內容常常對不起來
  • 容易忘記自己要說什麼,明顯要去偷瞄一下投影片,不然無法繼續說
  • 等等…

啊… 那他到底厲害在哪裡?為什麼一個講話這麼尷尬不流暢的人,能夠迷惑全球這麼多人, …

不知為何,幾天前我的 Youtube 突然推薦了前新加坡總理李光耀 (Lee Kuan Yew) 接受西方媒體採訪的影片。

我知道很多名人說李光耀是他們最敬佩的領導人之一,但我從來沒看過他說話的影片, 我就決定來看看他是否真的很會溝通。




*Btw 影片在這裡,你不妨自己體驗一段:




當第一位記者問他,他對美國在越戰使用武力的看法時(有點敏感啊!),他的回答,每個字都選擇的 …






Ok… So What?

你可能會說 ok,母語的人比較會用短的句子,那又怎樣?句子的長短,跟我寫作的好壞,有關嗎?







台灣案例:Taipei Times Opinion


  1. The TAIEX last month rose above 17,000 points as rallies in steel, shipping and some non-tech stocks offset a weakness in semiconductor and electronics stocks.
  2. While news about a cluster of local COVID-19 infections connected with China Airlines cargo pilots and a hotel in Taoyuan fueled selling pressure early this month and pushed the local stock market into consolidation mode, the daily market turnover in the first two trading sessions of this month hit fresh highs.
  3. Moreover, Taiwan’s stock trading volume last month began to surpass…

Dear Mr. Yang,
Your PacNet piece is the best thing I’ve read. Would you be interested in coming to New York to brief us on the topic?

這是我在華府戰略暨國際研究中心 (CSIS) 任職的時候,收到的一封 email。寄件人我早已經久仰大名,曾任美國駐中國大使。他跟另一位前大使正要前往中國,希望出發前邀請我到紐約跟他們簡報。



Like a lot of my friends in tech circles, I watched with curiosity, then shock, as more than a third of Basecamp employees quit the company after Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson announced policy changes.

I glanced at Fried’s initial post when he published it and, to be fully honest, I thought it was well-written and reasoned. He’s a great writer and communicator, and I thought they’d averted a crisis.

My goodness was I wrong.

So I decided to go back and re-read Fried’s initial blog post —but this time with my speechwriter lens back on.

I was completely…

After I wrote about my traumatic relationship with public speaking — fails leading to shame, shame leading to worse fails— a friend of mine asked me a question:

When was the exact moment I started feeling shame?

As a little kid, I don’t actually recall having any concrete notions of shame, and that’s how I could fall off the stage and get up right away to finish the speech. I didn’t know better.

But when DID shame get control over me?

After some searching, I managed to trace it back to one specific moment: an improv performance workshop in junior…

Found this in 2021, and it's as relevant as ever!

For me a top takeaway is "intellectual honesty". Most founders I meet don't express their POV as hypotheses to be validated, and this can hurt them (especially when they don't admit that these are just hypotheses).

Andrew Yang

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