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Former presidential speechwriter. Now helping CEOs and founders tell better stories. Co-founder of Presentality
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Ok… So What?

你可能會說 ok,母語的人比較會用短的句子,那又怎樣?句子的長短,跟我寫作的好壞,有關嗎?

台灣案例:Taipei Times Opinion


  1. The TAIEX last month rose above 17,000 points as rallies in steel, shipping and some non-tech stocks offset a weakness in semiconductor and electronics stocks.
  2. While news about a cluster of local COVID-19 infections connected with China Airlines cargo pilots and a hotel in Taoyuan fueled selling pressure early this month and pushed the local stock market into consolidation mode, the daily market turnover in the first two trading sessions of this month hit fresh highs.
  3. Moreover, Taiwan’s stock trading volume last month began to surpass…

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Dear Mr. Yang,
Your PacNet piece is the best thing I’ve read. Would you be interested in coming to New York to brief us on the topic?

這是我在華府戰略暨國際研究中心 (CSIS) 任職的時候,收到的一封 email。寄件人我早已經久仰大名,曾任美國駐中國大使。他跟另一位前大使正要前往中國,希望出發前邀請我到紐約跟他們簡報。

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Like a lot of my friends in tech circles, I watched with curiosity, then shock, as more than a third of Basecamp employees quit the company after Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson announced policy changes.

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After I wrote about my traumatic relationship with public speaking — fails leading to shame, shame leading to worse fails— a friend of mine asked me a question:

Found this in 2021, and it's as relevant as ever!

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Imagine walking into a meeting with two strangers.

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上禮拜4月 15 日,亞馬遜創辦人 Jeff Bezos 發表了他 CEO 任內最後一封致股東的信



這封信的內容當然跟時空背景很有關。亞馬遜雖然在疫情下快速成長,市值逼近兩兆美元,但同時也因為員工待遇及工作環境不理想,飽受各方批評,如:被爆料員工因為沒時間上洗手間,被迫用寶特瓶、及Bessemer, Alabama 的亞馬遜員工考慮形成工會 (雖然最後投票沒有過)。

In Part 1 of this mini-series, we looked at two types of storytelling by two very different kinds of founders — “heroes” who charge into battle, and “generals” who stand back and strategize first.

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In the past few months, our team that works with entrepreneurs on their pitching began noticing two very different “types” of stories founders tell about their companies.

Founder: I’ve always been passionate about this problem. I personally suffered from it (with touching story), and I’ll stop at nothing to solve it. People told me it was impossible, and there were a series of obstacles in my way, but I fought through all of them and finally made a breakthrough.

Let me show you…

We’ve always loved and admired founders with this kind of…

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Sometimes you hear investors say that a founder has “incredible product vision”. Evan Spiegel of Snap, for instance, is so famous for this that he’s been jokingly called Facebook’s head of product because the social giant kept copying his creations.

Andrew Yang

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